Neurofly Project

In 2023 I participated in the Neurofly Project. It’s a Project of OpenBCI and Christian Bayerlein. Conor Russomanno, the head of OpenBCI, held a TED talk with Christian as a Co-Speaker.
The Project centered around an Open-source EMG based system to control devices.

Christian uses 2 EMG axis and 2 axis of his mouth Joystick, he adapted to act as a game controller, to fly a Drone.

I am the Jack of all trades, for the Project. I document the Project with photos and a bit of video. I also 3d printed some parts and wired up Christians EMG Joystick during the development phase in Germany. And I had the privilege to fly to TED (Vancouver), together with Christian and Grit.
I was the person that wired him up for the TED talk, a pretty cool experience!

This is the TED Talk:

You can find a short (German) documentary here:

These are some of the photos I shot during the making of the Project: